Winona Ryder and Michael Pitt

Rag & BoneĀ Fall / Winter 2014 Campaign


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WTF iTunes!? @lordemusic

WTF iTunes!? @lordemusic


Raw, red, hot,
Is the feeling in my gut
You make my blood boil and freeze at the same time,
When I think of you, I think of murder
Hate courses through my veins,
My veins that share your tainted blood
My veins want nothing to do with you,
Genetics are all lies, no surprise
You couldn’t be further from who I am,
I want to cut you out of me with a burning knife
Remove all traces of you from my scarred memory,
Give my soul some long deserved relief
Hate hate hate, hate is all you ever taught me,
I never hated until you made me hate,
You parasite of life
You may have participated in my making,
But that’s the only thing you ever gave me
And most of the time I don’t want it anyway,
Why didn’t you just keep driving that day?


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Why are some people so shocked at the Nicki Minaj VMA performance? Have they not seen the video? Have they not heard the lyrics? It was never going to be conservative you bunch of morons!